Our Team

Sabrina Ram is passionate about helping organizations make an impact by telling their unique story to a variety of audiences. Having developed integrated, strategic communications plans, she values the power of using data analytics to inform and refine strategies and help businesses perform better.

Working in Philadelphia, New York City and D.C. has given her the opportunity to cultivate great relationships with digital influencers and national and local media, allowing Ram to be an expert brand advocate for her clients. Throughout her career, Ram has managed strategic communications efforts for major organizations such as AT&T, Drexel University Online, the American Federation of Musicians and 2U. Ram’s experience also extends to all levels of event planning and partnering with major CEOs, business professionals, politicians and experts for a unified goal.

In 2006, Ram laid down the framework for Blu Lotus, which has grown into a full-service strategic communications consulting agency. As founder and president, Ram is dedicated to providing her clients with the most innovative strategies and thoughtful service to guide clients through a seamless process.

Ram has a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications and Public Relations from Drexel University and a master’s degree in Public Relations & Corporate Communications from Georgetown University.