MerlinOne: Creative Pros Share the Most Important Question a Creative Brief Should Answer

A creative brief is a crucial first step in any marketing strategy, whether you’re undertaking a photoshoot, designing a logo, or developing your next big advertising campaign. Blu Lotus President Sabrina Ram offers input to MerlinOne’s blog on what she believes is the most important question a creative brief should answer. The most important question a creative brief should answer is “how does your request align with business goals?” Communications, marketing and graphic design teams […]

The Startup Growth: Blu Lotus Founder Sabrina Ram Shares Insights on Entrepreneurship

The Startup Growth recently featured Blu Lotus Founder Sabrina Ram in its Pop Quiz, Monday series. In the article, Ram shares details about Blu Lotus and offers insights on entrepreneurship. I started the entrepreneurship route early in my career because I’d see so many businesses, nonprofits and individuals who could not afford an expensive communications/marketing agency. You can have the best product, service or talent in the world and still fail because no one has […]

PR Daily: 6 common search engine marketing mistakes — and how to avoid them

Search engine marketing — or pay-per-click (PPC) efforts — can help increase your organization’s website traffic, boost sales and give you powerful ROI. Blu Lotus President Sabrina Ram offers advice on how it’s crucial for communicators to track the right key performance indicators, otherwise the metrics gathered won’t tell you if you’re successful. “If 50 new links to your website were acquired in a given month, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a success. Marketers need […]