Crisis Communications Tips for the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting all organizations on a global scale, and it’s important for businesses to adapt quickly. Communications professionals play a large leadership role in guiding their organizations during times of crisis, bridging the gap between internal and external audiences. Maintaining a calm, collected brand voice and keeping open channels of communication with employees, customers and other stakeholders can help mitigate risk, chaos and confusion. For businesses looking to navigate disruptions to their […]

How to Improve Your Communication and Networking Skills

Networking is essential in today’s business environment if you want to continue to grow your career and build strong relationships for the future. It’s not enough to have the core expertise – or hard skills – required in your industry. Employers need strong conversationalists. In fact, LinkedIn’s latest research, “The Most In-Demand Hard and Soft Skills” and “Workplace Learning Report,” listed communication and collaboration as some of the top soft skills employers are looking for. […]