An Infographic About…Infographics!

Quality content marketing can help brands expand their audience and keep current audiences engaged. With the capacity to only remember 20 percent of text, it’s no wonder that content such as photos and videos are leading the way for brand marketers. Internet users are looking for quick ways to gain key information and learn new […]

Tips for College Graduates Looking to Break Into PR

With graduation around the corner, capstone projects and finals aren’t the only things top of mind for the next graduating class. During the month of May, employers start to see an influx of resumes from college graduates. Here are five tips to help new grads break into the field of public relations: 1) Update Your […]

Four Ways to Cultivate Meaningful Relationships with Reporters

The PR/reporter relationship is a mutually beneficial arrangement that takes hard work to develop. Public relations experts work to gain trust and credibility with reporters, who in turn rely on these key contacts to provide them with great story angles, timely interviews and relevant materials. Budding PR professionals are taught early to avoid making easy […]

Sponsored Content: Is it working?

Sponsored content, which are articles paid for or written by a brand and hosted on a publisher’s site, can be a strong part of your digital communications plan. Over the past few years, the rise of sponsored content has exploded, but so have concerns on whether or not brands are trying to deceive consumers. This […]

Hundreds Show Support for The Carol Van Auken Golf Outing

Another year, another huge success! Hundreds of community members from the Philadelphia region came out to The Carol Van Auken Golf Outing to show their support for pancreatic cancer research. Proceeds from the event benefit the Lustgarten Foundation. To see all the action from this year’s event, visit The Carol Van Auken Outing’s Facebook page […]

Purchase Tickets & Sponsorships for The Carol Van Auken Golf Outing

We’re less than two weeks away from The Carol Van Auken Golf Outing! On June 5, 2015, community members and businesses will showcase their support for pancreatic cancer research. Each day, we are gaining additional sponsors for our client’s event – but, we still need more support! There are many different options and levels for […]

Support Pancreatic Cancer Research

We’re less than one month away from The Carol Van Auken Golf Outing! On June 5, 2015, community members and businesses will showcase their support for pancreatic cancer research at the Indian Springs Country Club in Marlton, NJ. Now in its ninth year, Carol Ann Van Auken-DeAngelo organizes this event in memory of her mother, […]

Clorox Tries to “Bleach” Away Emoji Tweet Failure

Before tying your brand or product into a trending topic, it’s important to do research on why the topic is trending and what the conversation is surrounding the actual topic. Apple’s recent unveiling of a new suite of emojis quickly whipped up a frenzy among reporters, bloggers and social media users. From an updated prayer […]

The Pitfalls of Publicity Release Forms

Nurse Nina Pham is making headlines again in relation to her lawsuit against Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. Previously, Pham became one of the faces behind the fight to contain Ebola in the U.S. She helped care for Thomas Eric Duncan, who was the first person in the U.S. diagnosed with Ebola, and ended up […]

Super Bowl Social Media Marketing Hits & Misses

As social media continues to play a huge role in TV, it’s no surprise that 50 percent of Super Bowl ads featured hashtags this year! For 2015, a total of 28 hashtags were present in 56 Super Bowl commercials. As compared to 2014, the use of hashtags was down slightly from 57 percent to 50 […]