Creative Pros Share the Most Important Question a Creative Brief Should Answer

A creative brief is a crucial first step in any marketing strategy, whether you’re undertaking a photoshoot, designing a logo, or developing your next big advertising campaign. Blu Lotus President Sabrina Ram offers input to MerlinOne’s blog on what she believes is the most important question a creative brief should answer.

How New Authors Can Promote a Book

Writing a book can be a daunting project without having to worry about sales. To help new authors, we’ve highlighted three areas in which they can leverage to promote a new book.

Avoid Content Marketing Call-to-Action Mistakes

Content such as videos, blogs and social media posts contain call-to-actions (CTAs) to motivate target audiences. The perfectly designed landing page or crafted social media post can be wasted if you are making CTA mistakes. Review these tips to avoid hurting your click-through rates and conversions!

The Ultimate Grammar Cheat Sheet

Grammar is challenging enough without having to stay on top of AP Stylebook changes. If you’re looking for a quick reference to improve your grammar, review this handy “Ultimate Grammar Cheat Sheet” infographic.

Email Subject Line: Hit or Miss?

They key to public relations is building and maintaining strong relationships with target audiences. For a PR pro, there’s nothing more important than the PR/reporter dynamic. At a time where 81% of reporters prefer email pitches, it’s important to know how to use this tool to catch their attention and build trust. On any given […]