Social Media Reputation Management for Executives

When used effectively, social media can help working professionals become industry thought leaders, and, in turn, create positive PR for their employers or businesses. Review these tips from Blu Lotus President Sabrina Ram to effectively use social media to build your reputation and attract executive recruiters.

Clorox Tries to “Bleach” Away Emoji Tweet Failure

Before tying your brand or product into a trending topic, it’s important to do research on why the topic is trending and what the conversation is surrounding the actual topic. Apple’s recent unveiling of a new suite of emojis quickly whipped up a frenzy among reporters, bloggers and social media users. From an updated prayer […]

Super Bowl Social Media Marketing Hits & Misses

As social media continues to play a huge role in TV, it’s no surprise that 50 percent of Super Bowl ads featured hashtags this year! For 2015, a total of 28 hashtags were present in 56 Super Bowl commercials. As compared to 2014, the use of hashtags was down slightly from 57 percent to 50 […]

Survey: Americans Expand Social Media Usage

The Pew Research Center’s latest survey results reinforce that Internet users are not only using social media more, but are expanding to other various platforms. No surprise here – Facebook remains at the top for most popular social media site among Americans. However, it remained steady with 71% of internet users on Facebook, showing no […]

2014: Brand Communication Fails on Twitter

As we’re winding down 2014, it’s important to take a look back at the hits and misses of the year. It teaches us what worked, what didn’t work and what should never have happened in the first place! The year of 2014 marks some of the biggest mistakes in brand communications, most notably occurring on […]