Creative Pros Share the Most Important Question a Creative Brief Should Answer

A creative brief is a crucial first step in any marketing strategy, whether you’re undertaking a photoshoot, designing a logo, or developing your next big advertising campaign. Blu Lotus President Sabrina Ram offers input to MerlinOne’s blog on what she believes is the most important question a creative brief should answer.

PR Daily: 6 common search engine marketing mistakes — and how to avoid them

Search engine marketing — or pay-per-click (PPC) efforts — can help increase your organization’s website traffic, boost sales and give you powerful ROI. Blu Lotus President Sabrina Ram offers advice in PR Daily on how it’s crucial for communicators to track the right key performance indicators, otherwise the metrics gathered won’t tell you if you’re successful.

How New Authors Can Promote a Book

Writing a book can be a daunting project without having to worry about sales. To help new authors, we’ve highlighted three areas in which they can leverage to promote a new book.

Avoid Content Marketing Call-to-Action Mistakes

Content such as videos, blogs and social media posts contain call-to-actions (CTAs) to motivate target audiences. The perfectly designed landing page or crafted social media post can be wasted if you are making CTA mistakes. Review these tips to avoid hurting your click-through rates and conversions!

Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

  Whether you’re an organization new to content marketing or looking to shake things up, there are content marketing mistakes you can avoid to aid in your success. The most common content marketing mistake brand marketers make is quantity over quality. Because of this, the content created is often commonplace, with little to no value […]

An Infographic About…Infographics!

Quality content marketing can help brands expand their audience and keep current audiences engaged. With the capacity to only remember 20 percent of text, it’s no wonder that content such as photos and videos are leading the way for brand marketers. Internet users are looking for quick ways to gain key information and learn new […]

Sponsored Content: Is it working?

Sponsored content, which are articles paid for or written by a brand and hosted on a publisher’s site, can be a strong part of your digital communications plan. Over the past few years, the rise of sponsored content has exploded, but so have concerns on whether or not brands are trying to deceive consumers. This […]