Social Media Leading to Purchases for Back-to-School Shopping


school12There are many people who still do not realize social media can play a large part in a consumer’s purchasing decisions. With back-to-school advertising in full swing, it’s interesting to take a moment to truly explore how successful social media campaigns can be!

The retail industry has suffered from negative trends surrounding back-to-school shopping. According to the National Retail Federation, 25 percent of back-to-school shoppers are expected to hold off until one to two weeks before school starts. In addition, it’s predicted that one in three budget-conscious family shoppers are abstaining from back-to-school shopping.

Couple this with a 3.5 percent dip in last year’s shopping and a prediction for a 5 percent decline this year, according to The Integer Group, retail outlets are in desperate need to think of new, clever ways to appeal to shoppers.

Social media to the rescue! According to a new study from Crowdtap, lots of shoppers are resorting to social media to discover new products and deals. They’ve created a handy infographic detailing “The Social Side of Back to School Shopping.”

Here are some quick facts:

  • 64% of shoppers reported that social media will play a role in their back-to-school shopping this year
  • Social media dominated discovery of new products, ideas and deals
  • 61% of respondents will use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest
  • 63.5% of shoppers have purchased a back-to-school item that they found on social media

What’s key is this data proves social media leads to purchase! Executing a well thought-out social media campaign and having experts, not amateurs or interns, guiding your social media communities is more important than ever.

Click the image below for a larger view of the infographic or download it here.

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