Myths of Social Sharing


facts“Millennials share more brand content than any other generation.”

FALSE! There are many myths about how people share content online. These myths can lead to misguided strategies that produce mediocre results.

Not only is it important to compile data on how the mass of social media users interact online, it’s critical to survey and analyze your specific target market for what works best for them. The more targeted your data is, the better results you will achieve.

RadiumOne sets the record straight with its “Six Myths of Social Sharing” infographic! Some of the tops myths include:


1) MYTH: “Digital consumers click on social links at an equal rate, regardless on the type of URL shared.”

FACT: Brands that use shortened URLs with a vanity domain experience an average increased click volume of 25 percent, as compared to long, original links or shortened links via a general URL shortening service.


2) MYTH: “Content and brand engagement peaks over the weekend when internet users have more free time.”

FACT: People engage with shared content 49 percent more on weekdays.


3) MYTH: “Millennials and young people engage and share brands’ content the most.”

FACT: Users ages 55-64 engage with brands’ content the most, regardless of using iOS, Android or desktop.


To view the entire “Six Myths of Social Sharing” infographic, please click here.

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