Revamping Your PR Strategy for 2014


strategy1Every year businesses discuss a “New Year, New You” campaign. Executive leadership drop terms like “long-term strategy” and “let’s be innovative.” But, for the third year in a row you are still running the same campaign.

Does your public relations strategy look oddly familiar year after year? Companies can get stuck in a rut from time to time, but it’s important to develop and test new ideas in order to stay competitive in a crowded marketplace.

Here are four tips to break free of the monotony:

1) Analyze – Take a look back at your 2013 strategies and tactics. What worked? What failed? What needs tweaking or axed completely? It’s OK to fail, but make sure you learn from it! The worst thing to do is implement a strategy year after year that doesn’t provide desired results or meet your goals.

2) Be Proactive – Businesses spend a lot of time focusing on short term goals and fixes, rather than a long term strategy. This approach often spurs recycled campaigns instead of fresh ideas. Stop coming up with excuses as to why new ideas and campaigns can’t be launched and start brainstorming. The next big idea has to start somewhere.

3) Be Strategic – There are always going to be a million urgent tasks, projects and deadlines. Not everything is urgent, and not everything needs to be done. Focus on one or two campaigns a year and really hit them hard. Don’t be afraid to toss out ideas and don’t feel pressured to try all of them. They can’t all be gems. Spreading yourself too thin will produce mediocre results.

4) Prove It – Not everyone is innovative and not everything is one-of-a-kind. If you are going to claim it, be prepared to prove it. Clearly show and define why you are different from your competitors. Take advantage of storytelling techniques and showcase your value proposition with real examples.

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