Instagram Enables Direct Requests – How To Access Direct Requests


instaheaderexFacebook just released a big update for its Instagram application. Users can now send private photos and videos directly to any user. This feature is called “Direct Requests.”

We’ve constructed a three-part series for everything you need to know about this new feature. The series will cover “How To Send Direct Requests,” “How To Access Direct Requests” and “Privacy of Direct Requests.”

Leave comments below to let us know your thoughts on the latest update or with any questions you might have. Here is part two in our series:

How To Access Direct Requests

1) Private messages do not show up in your home feed, but you will be notified of any new messages at the top, right hand corner of your screen via the drawer icon. This icon will identify the number of direct requests received.

2) To access private messages, you click on the drawer icon at the top, right hand corner of the home feed screen.

3) When clicked, private messages sent will appear at the bottom as “pending” if this is the first time you are using this application. Going forward, the app will list all messages from the most recent to oldest.

4) When you click on “pending,” it will ask if you’d like to receive direct requests from that user. It will give you the option to deny private messages from them.

5) If you choose to deny receiving direct requests from a user you follow, it will also make you unfollow the user’s public posts. If you deny receiving direct requests from a user you do not follow, it will ban them from your Instagram account.

6) You can continue to view public posts from a user you banned by going to their Instagram account and following them again. However, this reactivates the ability for them to send you direct requests.

7) After you approve to receive your first direct request, you can view the photo or video message by clicking each individual message listed. Going forward, to view messages you simply click any individual message listed.


To read part one and three of our series, please click: “How To Send Direct Requests” or “Privacy of Direct Requests

*Facebook is continually updating this new feature. As new updates come in, we’ll update our posts.

4 thoughts on “Instagram Enables Direct Requests – How To Access Direct Requests

  1. I received a notification that I had a direct request and then my phone died. I tried to go back and find it but I can’t and now I’m really confused. Why am I not able to find my direct request now

    1. Hi Snehanshu! Instagram has slightly altered the look of the message icon. It now looks like a paper airplane/arrow. When you click on that icon (top right hand corner), it will bring you to your messages. If you haven’t received any, there will be none there.

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