Instagram Enables Direct Requests for Private Messaging


directmessageFacebook just released a big update for its Instagram application. Users can now send private photos and videos directly to any user. This feature is called “Direct Requests.”

We’ve constructed a three-part series for everything you need to know about this new feature. The series will cover “How To Send Direct Requests,” “How To Access Direct Requests” and “Privacy of Direct Requests.”

Leave comments below to let us know your thoughts on the latest update or with any questions you might have. Many users are already voicing their complaints over privacy issues and spamming. Below kicks off the first part in our series:

How To Send Direct Requests

1) The first way to send a direct request is simply following the same process you would when posting a public video or photo.

– Click on the blue highlighted square at the bottom to post a picture or video.
– Capture a photo or video.
– Edit the picture as you normal would, using the filter, cropping and lighting features.
– Click “Next” at the top, right hand corner of your screen.
– The screen will be programmed to “Share to” followers. Click on “Direct” to send a private message.
– Write in a caption and choose who you’d like to send it to by using the “Suggested” feature or typing in the search tool. Multiple users can be sent the same message, but Instagram will cap it at 15 recipients.
– The search tool will bring up users you follow; however, you can manually type in the username of any Instagram user, even if you do not follow them.
– When ready to send, click on the “Send to” green button at the bottom of the screen.

2) The second way to send a direct request is by clicking on the drawer icon at the top, right hand corner of the home feed screen.

– When clicked, press the “+” sign.
– Proceed to follow the exact same steps as above, with one exception. The screen will already be programmed to “Direct,” instead of “Followers.”


To read part two and three of our series, please click: “How To Access Direct Requests” or “Privacy of Direct Requests

*Facebook is continually updating this new feature. As new updates come in, we’ll update our posts.

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