Crisis Communications Over Social Media



Many organizations have been using social media as a communication tool, but are not utilizing it strategically. Before jumping in to the social media world, the organization needs to prioritize its objectives and apply social media to meet them.

Keep in mind, social media is not just an outlet to promote and market brands. Companies can use social media as a way to communicate and share statements directly to their audience across several social media platforms, providing up-to-date information for customers. This can come in handy during times of crisis.

For example, Southwest Airlines has taken full advantage of social media as a way to release information to their customers.  On July 22, Southwest Airlines reported on Facebook:

“Southwest airlines confirms emergency responders at New York’s LaGuardia airport are assisting with an evacuation of #flight345 after the Boeing 737 arrived this evening from Nashville. We will provide further details when available.”

These posts are sensitive to their audience and provide accurate and current information in real-time. This helps to alleviate any fears, concerns and angry sentiment.

In a more extreme example, the Boston Police Department showed great sensitivity through their efforts to keep the public informed. Not only were they keeping Boston residents up-to-date with real-time tweets, the nation was hanging on to every 140-character morsel of information. Social media users expressed gratitude towards the police department for taking the time to loop them into a harrowing scene.

The use of social media allows consumers to interact with organizations on a more personal level like never before. When social media is used correctly, organizations are no longer thought of in a negative, conglomerate level; aka the “evil empire.” Rather, they are thought of as approachable and human.

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