Three Tips for Using LinkedIn


linkedintakenLinkedIn’s recent updates, including a new branding campaign, expanded options in advertising and the ability to use hashtags and uploaded documents and photos in posts, have made it a truly powerful social media resource.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when using LinkedIn:


1.) Attracting Employers – Don’t just list your employer history; display tangible results you achieved at your job. There could be a thousand people on LinkedIn who worked for Viacom. But, you may have been the only one to accomplish a 10 percent audience increase for Viacom on Twitter.


2.) Making Connections – There’s nothing worse than seeing a person who claims to “work well with others” or is a self-described “social media expert” and has less than 100 LinkedIn connections, barely any info on their profile and no picture! Show the strength of your expertise and social circle by completely filling out your LinkedIn profile and connecting with past and present co-workers, business partners and classmates. It’s not a popularity contest, it’s a networking pool. Take advantage of it.


3.) Recommendations – One of the most powerful tools at anyone’s disposal is the power of word of mouth. LinkedIn provides users with the capabilities to give and receive recommendations of work at past or present jobs, as well as “endorsing” a variety of listed skills. It’s very attractive to see a CEO or team member praise your work and abilities. Public appreciation is there for the business world and hiring recruiters to see so show it off! Don’t forget to recommend and endorse others who you feel deserve the accolades. After all, social media is meant to be social!


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