Facebook Lifts Restrictions on Cover Photos (Finally!)


When Facebook released the cover photo option, it was hard not to jump on the opportunity and promote your brand, business and services. Whether you knew the rules or not, many violated Facebook’s TOS policy, resulting in some pages being closed permanently.

However, if the power of social media has taught you anything, it’s that whatever the community wants, it gets. Facebook couldn’t very well ban everyone could they?

It’s great to see Facebook taking an active stance in including the wants and needs of its members, especially the business community. Here’s everything you need to know on Facebook’s latest cover photo policy changes:

1) Call To Action – Asking people to like your cover photo, share the image, “get it now” and other such actions were banned. This ban has been lifted!

2) Pricing & Sales – Offering promotional discounts or listing pricing information was a huge no-no in Facebook’s old policy. Now you can include “25% discount” promos and “download here” information.

3) Contact Information – Most businesses and people were guilty of this one. For something so intuitive, Facebook had inexplicably banned including such information as your website, phone number, email and address. Now, cover photos are free to include such information.

The new changes are a great step in the right direction. But business BEWARE – Facebook recently implemented a “20% text rule” in cover photos, advertising and promoted posts. It limits the relative volume to copy you overlay on your image to no more than 20% of the available space.


Two steps forward, one step back. Hopefully this is just Facebook testing the waters.

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